Hi! I’m Heather. Mom. Wife. Runner. Lover of Cake.

If you were to ask anyone that knows me well what I love most (aside from my kids and my husband), they’d probably tell you its food. And not just any food… Cakes. Sweets. Desserts. If it has sugar, it’s gettin’ in my belly. I’m a long time lover of all things dessert.

​My love for baking probably started with my grandmother. Well into young adulthood, I would frequently spend weekends with my grandparents. Being with them was like going home. It was safe and warm and made me feel grounded. Almost every visit, my grandmother and I would spend time in the kitchen. And almost every time, it was spent baking. We would constantly be trying new recipes from the heaps of cookbooks she had or digging up old family recipes in an attempt to find my birth-grandmother’s sugar cookie recipe or coconut cake recipe (both of which have eluded me to this day). We had a tradition of baking Christmas cookies every year during Christmastime and I always looked forward to gifting people with those special tins filled with delicious treats. I’m a firm believer that the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach!

 I started to develop a love for cake a couple of years after I had my first munchkin and wanted to make fun cakes and cupcakes for her birthdays. Fast forward to my little sister’s wedding and I was given the highest honor of making her wedding (cup)cakes. I spent the months leading up to the big day learning new techniques and testing so many cake recipes that I’m sure my husband thought we were going to drown in cake. But I was a woman on a mission to make not only beautiful cake for her big day, but cake that tasted amazing. Because, let’s be honest, it’s the taste that leaves everyone talking!

So, after being passionate about baking for what feels like most of my life and discovering a love for cake decorating over the last couple of years, I want to share my cakes (and maybe some recipes in the future) with you! And I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to make your life sweeter through cake!